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Dec 03,  · depending upon how long the sperm is in the condom and if there is or is not spermicide inside the condom are major factors now a days condom companies are putting spermicide inside of the condoms to kind of help prevent pregnancy if the condom breaks but if there is no spermicide inside of the condom and if she is "injecting" sperm inside of her . Feb 10,  · Penis in condom - semen in condom (Penis im Kondom - Sperma im Kondom)jpg 3, × 2,; MB Penis in condom with 1, × 1,; KB Penis in used 3, × 2,; MB.

Sep 21,  · Most sperm die inside the female genital tract within days after ejaculation. How long can sperm survive in cervical fluid? The longest that sperm can survive in a fertile (egg-white) cervical fluid is five days. That depends on several factors. First, if the condom is coated with a spermicide then there is a 90+% chance that all sperm in the condom are dead. Secondly, time is a major issue. Sperm are sort of like parasites in that they can only live outside of a host for a VERY short time, as they need a warm, moist environment to survive.

Condoms are designed and tested -- each and every one of them, by every manufacturer -- to be able to withstand ejaculation (what you're calling "erupting") as well as to contain a single ejaculation: the amount of semen a person with a penis emits when they ejaculate. They test them by blowing amounts of air into each condom with a level of force (called "airburst tests") far . Feb 16,  · Answer After you ejaculate or cum inside of the condom, you should pull your penis out of your partner while holding the base of the condom and while you are still erect/hard. You want to prevent.

Dec 11,  · And once the semen dries out, the sperm loses life and cannot revived. 5 Survival time can range from a few minutes to a couple hours, depending on the environment’s dryness and hostility. To put things into perspective, survival is rarely beyond a few minutes on dry sheet or clothing. Viable sperm: Sperm can remain viable in a woman's genital tract from 3to5 days, but lives very much shorter outside the body. In a condom it's said that it remain.

May 13,  · Sperm dies when it hits the air! Inside a condom it could up to a few minutes before it dies.