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crime mob fuck niggaz mp3 - Pleasing The Mob Boss

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[Intro] Yeeah (Aiight) [repeat 7x] Yeeah Ol' stankin ass (Hoe) Jank ass (Hoe) Suck my dick you (Hoe) Ol' fat ass (Hoe) But aiight! We finna get these lame ass niggaz You see a hoe ass nigga, call his ass out. Aye! Aye! [chorus 4x] Fuck nigga yous a (Hoe) Pull a trigga on that (Hoe) Stomp his ass like (Hoe) Ol' lame ass (Hoe) [verse 1] I'ma tell you how it is nigga you betta get the fuck . Back da fuck up 'fore I show you who reala Whats up wit ya, fuck nigga Crime Mob the niggas who labeled some killaz [Chorus] Fuck nigga you's a .

3. Crime MOB - If You Got Ana 4. Crime MOB - I'll Beat Yo Azz 5. Crime MOB - Fuck Niggaz 6. Crime MOB - Stilettos (Pumps) 7. Crime MOB - Ain't No Joke 8. Crime MOB - If You Gonna Try Me 9. Crime MOB - Ellenwood Area Crime MOB - Put Yo Hands Up Crime MOB - Diggin Me Crime MOB - Black Market Bonus Скачать MP3 Альбом. F**k N***** Lyrics: Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah (Aiight) / Yeeah / Ol' stankin ass.

Crime Mob niggaz get it started, and we niggaz be the hardest So – if a nigga come and run his mouth just like a ho song titles like “I’ll Beat Yo Azz,” “Fuck Niggaz,” “Ain”t No Joke” and “Put Yo Hands Up” ought to give you the idea. There is a Lil Jon produced bonus track at the end of this forty-seven minute album.