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pictures of breast implants 275 300 cc - BEST OF BREAST - Evelyn

Breast Augmentation. 29 yo with 2 children. 5’3” lbs. Was AA, wanted Full B or Small C. Implants are Sientra Moderate Profile smooth round gel implants R cc, L cc. Subpectoral via inframammary incision. Before the procedure, the patient weighed lbs. The patient was a size 36A preoperatively. cc, round, smooth surfaced, saline implants were used, giving the patient postoperative size 36C breasts. The location of the incision was inframammary and was sub-pectoral. After photos for this patient were taken 6 months postoperatively.

Jun 24,  · For every 15 cc’s, there’s roughly a tablespoon of implant filling. Because of this, doctors have the ability to be very specific about the size of the implant. Implant manufacturers have a range of sizes and styles, beginning around cc’s. Implants usually increase in 10 to 20 cc intervals up to nearly cc’s. 41 year old before and 4 months after breast augmentation with cc gel implants. BEFORE AFTER. 46 year old woman before and 11 months after breast augmentation with cc gel implants. BEFORE AFTER. 33 year old woman before and 4 months after breast augmentation with cc gel implants; approximately 34A to 34B.

Breast Augmentation - cccc Before & After Photos Surgeries performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Bivik Shah in Columbus, OH. Gallery Home > Women's > Breast Augmentation - cccc. Implant: cc inflated to on left breast, cc on right breast; Type: Saline; Incision: Inframammary; Post-Op: Photos taken at 2 months; Patient had asymmetry between left and right breasts; the right one is more projected due to the higher chest bone and slightly wider in diameter. Dr.

Patient is a 23 year old woman who received a breast augmentation with Mentor Smooth Round HP saline implants. Right implant is cc and left implant is cc. The After photos were taken 3 months post surgery. This gallery shows before and after videos and photos for round breast implants. The gallery has been designed to show 5 results per page. To view further results of round implants in this size range, choose from the menu below or choose to go to next results at the bottom of this page.

Oct 08,  · Determine bra size and cup size before breast augmentation. Though breast implants don't come in cup sizes—they come in cc's—understanding your current bra size can be useful when trying on breast implant sizers during your breast augmentation consultation. You'll know where you've come from and have a better idea of where you want to go. Breast Implant Exchange. 5’1” lbs 51 yo who’d had subpectoral saline cc implants placed 15 years before. Implants used: Mentor Style Smooth Round Moderate Classic Gel implants R cc’s, L cc’s Subpectoral location, inframammary incision Photos are: preop and 7 months postop.