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Seal is of Brazilian and Nigerian descent. The scars on his face are the result of discoid lupus erythematosus, a type of Lupus that affects the skin, resulting in the classic Lupus "butterfly rash" across the cheeks, and nose. Discoid Lupus can manifest anywhere on a persons' skin, and can lead to scarring and hair loss in some cases. May 26,  · Protect your scar from the sun. New scars tend to darken and discolor when exposed to UV light. While you should be protecting your skin from the sun anyway to help prevent future skin cancers, both doctors say that for better scars it is crucial to use sunscreen religiously and keep the area covered if possible.

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As it happens, none of the above is true regarding Seal’s face. Burn scars tend to leave more distinctive color patterns than what we see on Seal, and a . Dec 19,  · Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, better known as the platinum singing artist, Seal, has sold out huge arenas all over the world to hear him sing. His strong, angelic voice has brought him a number of hits including the song the world loves, “Kiss From A Rose.” When people see Seal, it’s hard not to notice the scarring on his face.

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Jul 15,  · Within 2 days the cut should seal, and by 5 to 10 days it should be strong. In the first 3 months you may notice the skin around the scar may thicken and have a red or purple tint. By 4 to 6 months this process should reverse and . Nov 24,  · Where did Seal get those facial scars? Contrary to popular belief, the scars were caused by a disease called Lupus which Seal suffered from when he was a child. The particular strain from which Seal suffers causes blistering especially around the facial area, which when ruptured cause deep scarring.