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Mar 24,  · This is the origin of our increased risk in cancer, as a result of high levels of radiation exposure.” The higher the dose of radiation the stronger the chances of developing complications. Therefore, according to the Health Physics Society, low levels of radiation are generally safe for breast-feeding mothers and will not effect breast milk. However if a mother is going to have nuclear . May 03,  · Iodine is a common radiation agent that is particularly unsafe for breastfed babies and could increase a mother’s risk of breast cancer. In this case, weaning may be necessary. But other types of radioactive isotopes may only require a temporary interruption in .

Breastfeeding After Radiation. Radiation may damage lobules. It can stop them from making milk entirely or change the appearance of breast milk. After radiation, breast milk may look thicker and darker. While there’s no evidence feeding babies this milk is dangerous, some women choose to not feed from the breast treated with radiation. Radiation therapy is destructive to milk-making tissue and likely to reduce milk production capability, sometimes completely. However, the breast that did not receive radiation will not be affected and is safe to breastfeed from.

Apr 04,  · Breastfeeding. Nursing mothers who are near the affected area can be exposed to radiation, and can eat, drink, or breathe in radioactive material. Radioactive material can be passed to babies through breast milk. When near the affected area and breastfeeding. Nursing mothers should consider temporarily stopping breastfeeding and switching either to breast milk (that was pumped and . In rare cases, radiation therapy to the breast can cause a second cancer. The most common cancers linked to radiation therapy are sarcomas (cancers of the connective tissue). For women who are long-term smokers, radiation therapy may also increase the .

Aug 02,  · Breast-feeding during Radiation Therapy It’s important to speak with your doctor if you’re having any type of radiation treatment for cancer. The level of risk this form of treatment poses depends in part on what area of your body will be exposed to radiation, and what form of radiation .