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plan b is a high dosage of birth control. your breast could be tender because of the hormones, even if you have taken it before without that symptom. and since your partner did not ejaculate inside of you, the chance are even smaller. and if it has not been even two weeks since unprotected sex, the chances are of this being pregnancy . May 18,  · Hopefully I have some good news for you: some common side effects of Plan B are both breast tenderness and fatigue. Since you took Plan B within 24 hours of having sex .

Mar 26,  · Breast tenderness is also linked to Plan B. “This is actually just a known side effect of progesterone,” says Hoskins. “In a normal menstrual cycle, the second half has more . if i took plan b will one of the side effects of my next period be really tender or sore breasts? Dr. Brad Douglas answered 23 years experience Obstetrics and Gynecology Yes: Yes, you might have side effects .

7 Plan B Side Effects You Should Know About.