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Eros One is a cocktail table pinball machine, produced by Fascination in Fun With Bonus is the home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of professional and amateur pinball players. Follow on Twitter: Fun With Bonus Like on Facebook: Fun With Bonus. 'Eros' appears identical to Allied Leisure's 'Flame of Athens'. We do not know what the differences are, if any. The artist's initials appear on the playfield of both games, on the green border near the left flipper post. Photos in: Mike Pacak's Pinball Flyer Reference Book A-F: Owners List URL.

Eros One was produced by Fascination Int., Inc. in Fascination Int., Inc. released 4 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in Other machines made by Fascination Int., Inc. during the time period Eros One was produced include Eros II, Circa , and Entertainer, The. Know anything about this game? Eros One. It is my personal favorite cocktail pinball machine with sim Bill Hanson of "Super Skill Shot Shooters" fame demonstrates his latest acquisition Eros One. It is my personal.

Jan 13,  · And they are getting very rare. This is the second Eros One I see in years. $! WANTED: Jezzard Mini Cascade, 21 ( Duval), NSM Freispiel Sieg Super-Match, Ruffler & Walker's The Hat Trick ↳ Pinball Machines for Sale / Machines à Boules à Vendre ↳ Player One Machine Sales - Ventes Machines. I have a friend and he has a fascination Eros One pinball cocktail. I am trying to get it up and going for him. Problem is all my experience is with William's wpc. I am having trouble coining a game. I have tested all fuses and the are good. The CPU board appears to be not working. I get one blink on power up.

Eros One was manufactured under Fascination with Allied Leisure parts and original design. Allied first released their own version "Flame of Athens" before them within a year apart of each release. Allied Leisure designed a CPU board similar to Bally's HUO idea. Eros One (49K) Made by Fascination International Inc. in August FII is really an Allied Leisure Inc. company which was a short lived manufacturer .