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Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom (younger self) Dark Danny hatefully threatening his good counterpart, but the latter is not intimidated by him. Dan was created from Danny's ghost half when it was separated from his human half. After being merged with Vlad's ghost half, Dan killed his human half and went on to his ten years of destruction. Danny Phantom is an American animated action adventure television series created by Butch Hartman for series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the "Ghost Zone", becomes a human-ghost hybrid and takes on the task of saving his town (and the world) from subsequent ghost attacks .

#danny phantom #danny fenton #wesley weston #wes weston #danny phantom comic #doodleysketch #the joke is that whole foods is a very pricey place #also lmao can't believe that wes's freckles look like sesame seeds. Dan Phantom, also refered as Dark Danny, is a main character from Grim Tales. He made his first appearance in Chapter 4 and has not been seen since the last page of Chapter 7. He made his first appearance in Chapter 4 and has not been seen since the last page of Chapter 7.

A Danny Phantom rewrite of the original short story in my version. Read to find out! Read this story >> Category: Cartoons» Danny Phantom. V. Chain Reaction. Author crazyvi. Submitted April 11, Updated May 11, Status Incomplete. Chapters: 5 Size: 20k Words: 4, Comments: 4 Views: Faves: 0. Tasked with recruiting a number of powerful young heroes with supernatural, often magical abilities, Nico di Angelo finds himself visiting the strange city of Amity Park. He’s on the hunt for their cherished hometown hero, the so-called Ghost Boy that went by the name Danny Phantom.

McMiller Iron Spider The Amazing Spider Man Costumes Adult Kids Unisex Lycra Spandex Halloween Cosplay Suits out of 5 stars $ $ 99 $ $ Danny Phantom is cartoon about a teenager who became a ghost.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. In Danny's eyes, his life was over. Not worth living. One day a meeting with a certain Amazon will change that. Watch as Danny regains the things he lost and more. And as Phantom becomes seen as a true hero. This is the story of new meetings and .