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'Clerks: The Animated Series' is the cartoon TV show based on the Kevin Smith movie of the same name, that ran for a short period of time during (although was not shown in the UK until ). Each episode includes the four main characters from the movie(s) (Randal, Dante, Jay and Silent Bob) and follows events at and around the Quick /5(). While the six-episode run of Clerks: The Animated Series may have been short-lived and not often talked about, it's one of the most wholesome spin-offs of Kevin Smith's original film Clerks.

Clerks DVD cover Clerks: The Animated Seriesis an American animated series created by Kevin Smith and David Mandel. The show originally aired on ABC for 2 episodes and was canceled. It ended being aired in several other networks before reaching Adult Swim, on November 14, Nov 24,  · Adult Swim is the late night programming block for Cartoon Network. It began in and is still running strong today. I go over the background and beginnings of Adult Swim and how it became the.

Clerks (also known as Clerks: The Animated Series) is an adult animated sitcom based on the comedy film of the same name. The series originally aired in on ABC for only two episodes before being cancelled, leaving its four other episodes unaired until when the series was picked up by Comedy Central. Adult Swim would air all six episodes in late May 31,  · Clerks: The Animated Series: The Definitive Oral History The show eventually made its way on to DVD, then on to networks such as Adult Swim or Comedy Central, garnering a cult following that.

Aug 25,  · Eventually the remaining episodes saw release on DVD and aired on television later on through Comedy Central and Adult Swim. Clerks first saw reality in as an independent film from director Kevin Smith. The black and white misadventures of Dante Hicks, a convenience store clerk from Leonardo, New Jersey. Clerks is a American independent black and white buddy comedy film written, directed, and co-produced by Kevin xxxed.xyzng Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson, it presents a day in the lives of titular store clerks Dante Hicks (O'Halloran) and Randal Graves (Anderson), along with their acquaintances. Clerks is the first of Smith's View Askewniverse films, and introduces .