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can adult cats drink milk - DRINK MILK UNTIL THE END

Standard cow milk has much more lactose and casein than many dairy-loving kitties can digest. “Most adult mammals have at least some degree of lactose intolerance — and cats are no exception,” explains Dr. Heinze. “The amounts of lactase (the enzyme that digests lactose) that the body produces declines after weaning.”. Oct 19,  · Once cats are weaned they can longer drink milk as most felines are in fact lactose intolerant. They are not able to produce enough of the right kind of enzyme (lactase) in order to efficiently digest the milk. So what happens if you give a cat milk?

Can Cats Drink Milk? Despite popular belief, adult cats should not drink milk exclusively. Kittens, on the other hand, do drink milk when they're very young, but this is milk produced by their mother, not the kind that comes out of a carton. No matter how you cut it, milk does not contain the essential nutrients cats need to grow. Too much milk can even displace their appetites for meat-based diets and cause nutritionally-deficient diseases. Additionally, one of the most common reasons milk isn't recommended for adult cats is that many of them have problems digesting it.

Lactose-Free Milk – Both humans and cats can drink lactose-free milk without having the typical digestive upset. However, you do want to limit your cat’s intake because it doesn’t have many nutrients they use. Water – It may sound boring, but your cat needs a lot of water in order for their organs and other systems to function properly.