come have a seat part II - baby seat for adult bike


baby seat for adult bike - come have a seat part II

The seat is mounted behind the handlebars to ensure stability and visibility for the adult rider. Your little one will have fun engaging in pretend play by pretending to drive with the attached toy steering wheel, which also happens to be padded for added safety. This front-mounted seat will hold a child up to 38 pounds. Mar 03,  · If the adult rider’s seat is set at the lowest position on the bike, they are going to feel very cramped while riding. In some cases (especially the Tyke Toter), the adult rider will need to raise their seat in order to use an open-style child bike seat. Higher Set Adult Saddles = More Space for Adult & ChildAuthor: Carrie Wren.

Choose the right Bike Seat for Your Child. Front facing bike seats are mounted below the handlebars and are best for children under 33 pounds. This keeps the child close and safe during your ride. Rear facing are better for children older than .