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audio adult description - 20,000 subscribers event: read description

Audio CDs. Faber Piano Adventures CDs are standard audio CDs that will play in any audio player. In addition, some of our CDs are Enhanced CDs that contains standard MIDI files for use with your computer, keyboard, or synthesizer. Oct 10,  · In , Pornhub launched a “Described Video” category which offers audio descriptions of on-screen action for people who have vision loss. There’s now also a “Visually Impaired Mode” with enlarged.

Penguin Classics in Audio. Watch celebrities narrating our books. Features. Elisabeth Moss reads The Handmaid’s Tale audiobook. The star of the Channel 4 TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale has narrated the audiobook edition of Margaret Atwood’s iconic novel. Listen to Elisabeth Moss read three iconic scenes from the book below. Horny is just one of the words used to summarize Bomer’s stories—honest, fearless and sweaty also appear in descriptions. From sexual kink to the power of menstruation, the author delves.

As a result, Medicare beneficiaries will now be able to use audio-only telephone visits to receive annual wellness visits (GG), advance care planning (), tobacco and smoking. Listen to the audio file and write down what you hear. Level: Intermediate # of Lessons: 30 Suggestion: 5 min per lesson START. Advanced Listening Lessons. Listen to a paragraph about various topics and answer multiple questions. Great for advanced level students .

Does not adhere to a specific music genre; many adult hits stations play a mix of rock, pop, adult contemporary, and select oldies hits, predominantly drawing on music from the s through the s, including Classic Hits Adults Ages 25+ Adult Standards/ Middle of the Road Eclectic rock, often with wide variations in musical style. AudialsOne is a tool pack that let you download and play all kind of music, videos, and podcasts in a very easy way. Search for your favorite artists, songs or movies and you'll see a list of available files.

Free stories for kids of all ages. Audible Stories is a free website where kids of all ages can listen to hundreds of Audible audio titles across six different languages—English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese—for free, so they can keep learning, dreaming and just being kids. Over the last twenty years, research has helped us better understand autism in adults. In a podcast, NIMH Director Dr. Joshua Gordon interviews Dr. Ann Wagner, National Autism Coordinator, and Dr. Lisa Gilotty, chief of NIMH’s Research Program on Autism Spectrum Disorders, to .