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Most men go home the same day as the surgery. Your penis may swell and bruise for the first 2 days. It is generally not very painful, and over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen are all you usually need. You will probably have a dressing over the area or over your entire penis. Post-Operative Care for a Teen or Adult Circumcision 6 has been removed during circumcision, is usually the last place to heal. It commonly heals completely within a week of the main wound. Do not apply any liquid antiseptic to your penis, nor add any antiseptic to bath water, unless prescribed by your Size: KB.

May 31,  · Uncircumcised and circumcised penises both require proper cleaning. While some people believe that an uncircumcised penis requires extra attention when it comes to hygiene, it just requires. Use lots of lube to help your foreskin glide back and forth over your glans. Try keeping your foreskin pulled over the glans and focusing your efforts .

Nov 16,  · You may be told not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your procedure. Take a shower the morning of your procedure. Do not put on lotion. Make arrangements for someone to drive you home and stay for a day after your procedure. Apr 10,  · 1. Clean the area after every diaper change. After every diaper change, make sure that no stool or urine remain on the circumcision area. Gently clean it with a soft cloth soaked with water and a mild baby soap, then dab it with a clean, wet cloth to rinse%().

Nov 16,  · Care for circumcision dressing: Remove the dressing from your penis by soaking it off in the bathtub. Fill a clean tub about hip high with clean warm water. Sit in the tub until the dressing comes off easily. Self care: It can take up to 6 weeks for you to heal. Apply ice to the area. Ice should be placed for 20 minutes and then taken off for.