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The Office on Smoking and Health conducts and supports national and international surveys on tobacco use, smoking cessation, secondhand smoke exposure, and other tobacco-related topics among youth, adults and specific populations. Lives Adult Survey for the period midMay - to mid-May Data is presented for adults aged 16+ in England. This report should be read in conjunction with our special Coronavirus (Covid) Report, which can be accessed. here. Contents. Key information. This release: 22 October Next release: 29 April Release dates.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Click on one of our great fun surveys before to take the survey and then share your results with your friends. Takers 15 Have You Ever Survey. Takers 50 Of Your Favorites Survey. Takers 30 Questions To Make You Think Survey. Takers 70 Bored Questions Survey.

A survey for people who AREN'T teenagers or in highschool anymore (for once). I'm getting sick of all these lame surveys made for people in their younger teens, people really do lack perspective on this site. The findings from these surveys provide organisations with detailed patient feedback on standards of service and care, and can be used to help set priorities for delivering a better service for patients. The survey results are also used by the Care Quality Commission to measure and monitor performance at both local and national levels.