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Adult strabismus is a medical condition that’s covered by most insurance plans. Adult strabismus isn’t that serious. Left untreated, strabismus can cause double-vision, problems with depth perception, headaches and social interaction problems. Strabismus can only be treated in childhood. Adult Strabismus Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes are not aligned and point in different directions. This condition affects about 4% of adults. The following videos are provided by Dr. Stager, Jr. for patient education purposes only.

Pediatric Ophthalmology, Adult Strabismus Dr. OB Jackson, Jr O. B. Jackson, Jr. MD. is a board certified, founding Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Adult Strabismologist in Austin, Texas since Oct 05,  · Although it is often considered a childhood condition, the incidence of strabismus is actually higher in adults. “Approximately 1 percent of children have strabismus,” says David Stager Sr., MD, who is in private practice in Plano, Texas. “In adults, the incidence is probably closer to 4 percent.

We offer Austin eye care for patients suffering from strabismus, or colloquially referred to as “crossed eyes”. Our doctors conduct visual rehabilitation in Austin TX with expansive experience in the delivery of such services. We believe vision therapy to be the best solution for strabismus since it addresses the root cause of the problem/5(30). Strabismus, or crossed eyes, is a condition in which one eye is misaligned while looking straight an object. This condition can be intermittent or constant, and at Broberg Eye Care in Austin, TX, our doctors provide different treatment options, including surgery, to correct this problem.

What is adult strabismus? Adult strabismus is eye misalignment in an adult patient. The eye misalignment can occur in any direction, including inward, upward, outward, or downward. Adult strabismus is usually treated by a pediatric ophthalmologist who has special training in all types of strabismus. Vision Therapy for Strabismus (Eye Turns), Exotropia, and Esotropia in Austin & San Antonio, TX Strabismus, often referred to as an eye turn or cross-eye, is a condition that describes the improper alignment of the eyes. The deviation of one eye is often due to the lack of coordination between the muscles of the eyes.