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CDC recommends that all travelers to countries affected by wild or circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) be vaccinated fully against polio. Adults who were fully vaccinated during childhood should receive an additional (single) lifetime booster dose of polio vaccine. A booster shot at years Most adults have no need for the polio vaccine, since they were most likely vaccinated as children. However, adults who fall into the following four categories are at increased risk and should consider vaccination against polio: Those traveling to areas of the world with high incidence for xxxed.xyzon: Polio Vaccine & Immunization | Rite Aid.

Sep 28,  · Adults who have never been vaccinated against polio should receive a total of 3 shots. Booster shots should be given 1 to 2 months after the first shot, and then 6 to 12 months after the second shot. Adults who may have received prior polio vaccine (s) should receive 1 or 2 shots, no matter how long it has been since the first vaccination (s).Brand name: IPOL. In addition, a one-time adult polio vaccine booster dose is recommended for previously vaccinated travelers to certain countries. See individual destination pages for vaccine recommendation information. What can travelers do to prevent polio? Get the polio vaccine.

Oct 25,  · Adults who completed the polio vaccine series as children and are traveling to areas with increased risk of polio should receive a one-time booster dose of vaccine (IPV). For more information on polio vaccine recommendations for travel, talk your healthcare provider or . Nov 16,  · Adults 18 years or older usually do not need the IPV. Only adults who are at high risk need the IPV, such as people traveling to areas where polio is common. Other people at risk are lab workers and healthcare providers who could come into contact with the polio virus. The following are reasons you may receive the IPV.

Oct 03,  · Adults who are at increased risk of exposure to poliovirus and who have previously completed a routine series of polio vaccine (IPV or OPV) can receive one lifetime booster dose of IPV. For additional details, consult the Polio Vaccine Information Statement and the Adult . Jul 23,  · A booster dose at years IPV may be given at the same time as other vaccinations. Because most adults were vaccinated as children, routine polio vaccination is not recommended for people ages 18 Author: Mary Anne Dunkin.