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KiSS Dolls Hello! To view the kiss dolls you have to find the viewer of kiss dolls in, the best one is PLAYFKISS b beta, because all my dolls are ckiss. KiSS dolls are free. Free to put it on your own page, but please link it to my page. PLEASE do not use them for templates, I have some templates for you. Well, I hope you. The dolls are made to specification and there are 10 female body types and 16 inter-changeable female faces. They are completely customizable, all the way down to the make up and fingernail colors. You can’t deny the skill involved in creating the Realdolls, but the tagline makes me want to .

A doll from an Australian artist, also a RISC OS user. Lynthia and Andel as of Aug FKISS: Centauri: K: Another doll from Centauri. All dolls appear by kind permission of the authors. Welcome to our sex dolls shop, Browse among 1, ultra realistic sex dolls, or create your own model % custom from head to toe!

They’re called kiss dolls, or kisekae, or as I call them, my childhood, and you used a program called PlayFkiss (there are other programs though) to open the doll files (usually form). For more info you can go to (The Big . Are you looking to invest in a perfect love partner? If so, you have arrived at the right place! Let your desires guide you to create the sex partner that you have always fantasized about. Select from an abundance of features and design the love doll of your dreams! Start by selecting all of the options you wish to have from the form below, then simply click the add to cart button at .

To view KiSS dolls in Windows, you need to download and install the KiSS doll viewing program PlayFKiSS or DirectKiSS. Windows 3.x, Macintosh, Amiga, Unix, and Acorn users can also get a KiSS viewing program from the KiSS Viewers section.. Once you have a KiSS Viewer, download one of the KiSS dolls below and save it to disk. The life-sized simulation doll is a kind of human model with a height similar to that of a real person. You can change the clothing and hairstyle of a doll as you do to a real model. The DS life-sized dolls are the ultimate form of dolls and models.

I recommend PlayFkiss, it can support several types of KiSS animations, which is good because some of these dolls can only be viewed by Viewers that can support FKiSS and FKiSS2 files. The dolls and descriptions were found at Kiss of the Blade! +Downloadable Kiss Dolls+ ilysa By Emby Quinn Rated-R. Unprocrastination GO! KiSS This is a long-anticipated site for adult-oriented KiSS sets, conceived back when OtakuWorld had to purge its adult dolls to keep stoopid Paypal happy. I wanted to make it expandable and dynamic, but that meant some kind of scripting, and I'm not good with anything but HTML and FKiSS.