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adult pirate theme activities - Hotties Charley and Allison fuck on a 1970s themed set

Bury a box of pirate treasure as the grand prize for the scavenger hunt. Discover and indulge your inner pirate by throwing a pirate-themed party with a scavenger hunt as the central activity. Throw the party in a location near a large park, yard or other area well-suited to a scavenger hunt. Apr 12,  · Guests at an adult pirate party might enjoy scavenger hunts, team relay games and outdoor sports games, abetted by some pirate-themed adult beverages.

Ahoy! We've gathered fun pirate-theme activities and printables to help you celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day in September. Dive right in with some easy pirate costume templates or walk your students through a short history lesson . Sprinkle pirate themed confetti on the counter top Pirate-Themed Wearables & Accessories Invite your guests to attend in costume, but if the bounty’s been good lately, christen the crew with a few choice themed wearable decorations to set the tone for swash-buckling fun.

Fifties Theme Party Games. Get ready to dance the Twist and share an ice cream soda with your sweetie, it's time for a throwback to yesteryear with a Fabulous Fifties theme have all the coolest decorations and 50s theme party props you need to throw the party of the decade. Pirate Theme Recipes Pirate Theme Recipes Avast there, matey! Gentlemen of Fortune, pet parrots, and landlubbers alike will love these pirate-themed recipes. Pirate's Last Call. Even Captain Hook would love this cocktail with its cherry cola and rum flavors poured into a tall frosty glass. By Wendy Vosachlo.

If all of your guests are adults, make sure there is plenty of rum to imbibe while guests parley in their best pirate-talk, just be sure each pirate has a safe ride home! Have a mixed crowd? Pirate parties can be fun for all ages. Have guests dress in pirate costumes and challenge each other to sword fights or balancing acts as you walk the plank. Jan 16,  · With fun pirate coloring pages and pirate games for kids this pack will shiver your timbers! Pirate Coloring Pages. Dive into a fun pirate theme unit with this fun Pirate Printable Pack. Children will have a great time completing the math and literacy activities, designing their own map and making their own wanted poster.

With suitable pirate themes is an easy adaptation of pass the parcel but if you have a look at the pirate party games book, you’ll find a much better version. One Leg Jake A short simple game – see who can stand on one leg with hands on hips the longest without overbalancing. One is a pirate theme, the other is for mermaids. They make a great activity for birthday parties or any other family gathering where there are children to entertain. What You Need: A printer, obviously, and a pair of scissors. You'll also have to think of a prize (or treasure) you can put at the end of the hunt pins.