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adult movement songs - not much movement in taipeh

Music and Movement for Children and Adults with Special Needs! Posted by Faith, Hope and Love on 20th October Special Needs, Disabilities. Share this article. When she unexpectedly gained better seizure control, I wanted to help her build up her atrophied muscles and what better way to do that than through music and movement activities! Action songs for children. Dance, jump, skip, spin, run, hop, right and left hand association, body parts, colors, musical freeze, twist, wiggle, act like an.

Music and movement (Kids): I usually use the ones that I’ve composed myself, but for some great ideas, I like to piggy-back off of Greg & Steve (“Listen and Move” is my favorite), as well as Laurie Berkner (I adore this song great for gross motor movement & memory). Jul 25,  · Here are just five of my favorite songs for getting folks in my music therapy groups moving to the music, along with some starting ideas for how to dance with music: 1. I’m Walkin’ – Fats Domino. This early rock and roll tune is at a nice tempo either for walking or for tapping toes or marching feet during chair exercises.