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Scenarios & Case Studies Scenario 1 An intervention has just been done on this 45 year old Dr. He/she has been given the option of termination and being reported to the police for diversion of narcotics “a criminal action” or taking leave time and going to treatment. The Dr. chose the Size: 32KB. pick a slip of paper that outlines a specific mental health scenario. Advise students that the groups will have approximately 10 minutes to figure out which mental health issue their selected scenario describes and to respond to three questions, providing explanations for their answers: 1.

Scenario #10 Maria is a 45 y/o Hispanic single mother of 1 adult child with special needs who identified limited social support and struggles with passive suicidal ideation. Her primary care provider referred her to the Behavioral Health Consultant (PCP-BHC) at the primary care office. At a. Free Mental Health Case Study: Case 1. Li was an year-old high school student. He had always been an average student, hardworking and honest. Recently, however, his mother had noticed that Li had been staying out till late at night, his schoolgrades had been falling, and he was spending more money.

mental health professional. Offer your support. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder can make people feel isolated and alone. Offer to be there for them. Listen. Many people with mental illnesses feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to. Open the lines of communication and try to make them feel comfortable. Mental Illness Case Study Examples: Case 1 Ricard was a year-old man who suddenly started behaving in abizarre manner three days earlier. He became very restless, started talking nonsense and behaved in a shameless manner, taking his clothes off in public. He had no history of a mental illness.

Page - 6 Case Management Examples 10/01/09 Mental Health Identifiers: Client’s affect is inconsistent with the situation. Frequent visits to hospital emergency rooms. Appearance, attire and hygiene are less than socially acceptable. Client seems disorganized, confused or sleeps excessively. Worried About An Adult? Telephone: 03or between 5pm - 8am on Case Scenarios and Prompt Sheets. Scenario 1: Police based; Scenario 2: Police based Scenario 7: Police based; Scenario 8: Mental Health based; Scenario 9: Nursing home based; Scenario Acute based; Prompt Sheet: Best Interest Decision Making.

Jan 01,  · Case #2: Discussion. As always, the need for coordinated care between psychiatry and HIV primary care is essential. In these situations with two severe disease processes, a prioritization in treatment should follow the basic assessment of the mental illness (diagnosis, current symptoms, level of dysfunction, co-morbid substance abuse) and HIV status (viral load, CD4 count, current symptoms). Each scenario reinforces the idea that various mental health problems have a range of causes and solutions. Addressing these issues effectively can result in positive outcomes for managers and employees alike. These scenarios range from early stage to much more severe.