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Welcome to the residential side of Residential Support Services. Currently we have 14 group homes in the Billings area and are expanding. Each group home is centered around the uniqueness of the individuals that reside there. A couple of our group homes have their own pets, generally cats, but a fish or two have been thrown in the mix. Group and Boarding Homes Serving as Representative Payees (A) The attached final report presents the results of our audit. Our objectives were to determine whether specific group and boarding home representative payees were (1) meeting the needs of the beneficiaries they were serving and/or (2) misusing Social Security benefits.

REPRESENTATIVE The following official description of a chartered organization representa- The individual must be an adult U.S. citizen and be a registered member of the BSA during the period of institution, club, lodge, civic group, urban agency, industry, labor group, or group of citizens who get together just for the purpose of having. The TRUST Project: Treatment, Recovery, and Understanding for Survivors of Trauma: Offers individual and group mental health recovery treatment for adults experiencing mental health symptoms as a result of interpersonal trauma such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and physical assault. Projects to Assist in the Transition from Homelessness (PATH): This program provides intensive case.

Representative Payee – an individual or organization we appoint to receive and manage the Social Security or SSI benefits of another person. A representative payee must use the funds they receive for the use and benefit, and in the best interest of, the beneficiary. We categorize payees into two broad groups. Your representative payee should respond on your behalf to any of our requests for action or information. Common requests are the annual representative payee accounting report, the SSI redetermination of eligibility or request for a continuing disability review. Your representative payee's authority is limited to matters between you and us.

In the context of the existing program, expanding vaccination to adults through age 45 years would produce relatively small additional health benefits and less favorable cost-effectiveness ratios. The incremental cost per QALY for also vaccinating adults through age 30 or 45 years exceeded $, in four of five models (16). Variation in.